Lent Daily Devotional: Mark 5

Reading: Mark 5
Thoughts by Tamara Thompson

Have you seen Sol? Doesn’t he look great? It’s so amazing to see him relaxed and pleasant. What? You don’t remember what he was like a year ago? He was that guy who lived in the tombs by the lake. Yeah! Crazy, isn’t it? What a scary dude he was back then! Running around naked and filthy—man, he smelled like a trash heap! He was possessed by demons—an army of them! His friends tried to keep him from harming himself and others, but he broke every chain they put on him. He’d cut himself and blood dripped from those cuts constantly. After a while, no one would go near him. He was so irrational and out of control.

What happened to him, you ask? I don’t know how you have missed his story. He’s told everyone possible in the Decapolis. You know that Jewish teacher, Jesus? He saw Sol and commanded the demons to leave him. Sent them into a herd of pigs! Sol said Jesus was the most compassionate man he’s ever met. He wasn’t afraid of Sol, and after the demons left, he made sure Sol got some clothes. Sol said just being near Jesus gave him immense peace. Jesus asked nothing of him, except that he tell his story. And Sol’s been true to his word.

I really wish I could have met Jesus. We were all so sad when they crucified him. You heard about that? Some say he was the Son of God! I heard he was seen after his death. Sol believes that he resurrected. He can’t stop talking about Jesus. He’s started a group of Gentile followers. Hey, want to check it out with me?

Lord, thank you for transforming us through your story.