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“A Time for Everything”

“Days of Miracle and Wonder”:
Listening to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

Church One: “For we are all one in Christ Jesus”

Love, Joy, Peace:
The Messages of Jesus as Told by John in the Midst of Order, Disorder, and Ongoing Reordering

“The New Creation” – Our Time in the Gospel of John

“And it was good…” – Living in Genesis
Fall Sermon Series

“Goodness in Community”
Summer Sermon Series

“Good Shepherd”
Sermon from the Gospel of John

“All the Good News”
Sermon Series from the Gospel of Mark

“The beginnings of the good news…”
The Gospel of Mark during Advent/Christmas

“This Is Us” (a series from 1 and 2 Corinthians)

“Advent 2016 through Easter 2017”

“Being with God” (a series in the Psalms)

“Living with God” (guest preachers for Sep & Oct)

Series in the Book of Acts

“Advent 2015 through Easter 2016”