Administrative Team


The Administration Team (A Team) manages the administrative functions of our church family. The Administration team consists of six members chosen by the church. These seven men and women are elected for their skills, character, spirituality, and willingness to manage resources and plan for future commitments. Each member is scheduled to serve for a six-year period.

Each Administration Team member serves as a liaison with a number of Bering ministries in order to understand the ministry objectives, provide support, and understand financial requirements.

The work of the A Team tends to fall into the following major categories:
1) budget preparation and administration
2) building and grounds
3) support of new ministries and assistance to existing ministries when requested
4) church communications
5) special tasks and requests that do not fall cleanly into another ministry

Current Administrative Team Members

James Denham
Anna Huber
Tim Hughes
Cale Ownby
Alec Schrader