LGBTQ+ Support Group for Parents

Bering Drive Church of Christ LGTBQ

Is a support group for parents right for you? We will begin meeting in Summer 2018.

Families are often left hurting, confused, and unsure where to turn after a revelation of a loved one who either experiences same sex-attraction or identifies as gay or lesbian. Parents with varying beliefs may be particularly vulnerable to this discovery and often feel isolated and overwhelmed  by shame and guilt.

The Bering Drive Church of Christ is partnering together with CenterPeace to offer resources and support to parents in the Houston area. The objective of our support group, PeacePrints, is to provide support, encouragement, and a safe place for parents to express their feelings with fellow believers in Christ. Please check out our resource page for articles and books that have been helpful to others on this journey.

To learn if this group is a good fit for you, please call (713) 783-2340 and someone will be in contact with you within 24-48 hours. All inquiries will be checked only by members of the support group facilitators and will remain strictly confidential.