Bering Drive Church, where everyone has a place. Please join us this Sunday morning at 9:00 for classes and 10:15 for worship.

Bering Drive Church of Christ 1910 Bering Drive Houston, TX 77057 (713) 783-2340

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Bering Drive Church of Christ

1910 Bering Dr Houston, TX 77057
(713) 783-2340


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Same-Sex Study (click here)

Letter: Annotated Bibliography Cover Letter — Jun 3, 2016 Bibliography: Annotated Bibliography on Same-Sex Relationships and Gay Marriage — Spring 2016 rev. (1)    

Encouragement Card Ministry

by Tamara Thompson On any given Sunday morning, you can see a Bering member grab a songbook, open the front cover, and extract a 3-by-5 card from what looks like an old-fashioned library card pocket. The member scrawls a name on one side of the card and then flips it over to write a message […]

My Lunch with Dwain Evans

You sit and listen across a couple of plates of Chinese food to the story of God. It was truly a sweet-and-sour communion as I sat with this preacher who dared to tell the story of God in the 1960s, a God whose gracious redemption refused even then to remain silent, no matter how many […]

Full Story of the Church of Christ Apology to Nadia Bolz-Weber; “Naming the Thin Places” (Podcast Transcript)

(The audio version of this story is available here at our podcast: Of if you prefer to read the story, here is the transcript.) Welcome to “Five Minutes Alone,” the weekly podcast of the Bering Drive Church of Christ. I’m your host, Jeff Christian, preacher at Bering. This is episode 10 of the second […]

The One That Got Away

The title of this post is misleading. She didn’t get away. Not really. Sure, she left Churches of Christ and went Lutheran, a move that back in the day would have surely disqualified her from playing the real game. But thanks be to God, some of us who stayed and kept on trudging in the […]